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Kassius Ltd, set up in 2002, was borne out of a long standing friendship between Chirag Shah and Andrew McGovren. At the time they had over 30 years combined experience in providing financial planning advice having worked for some of the largest UK life and pensions companies as well as operating as independent financial advisers.

Both Chirag and Andrew had a mutual goal of building a company that provided a very personal service, built on long standing relationships and a deep understanding of client goals, a service evolving with the ever changing circumstances of clients. They believe that a consistent understanding is built up more easily by seeing the same faces year in year out, delivering the same message as opposed to a different face each year, common in big organisations.

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Our services can be very easily broken down into 3 core areas, investment planning, financial planning and estate planning. None should be treated in isolation and more often than not overlap as one cannot be successful without consideration to the others

Our Mission

To provide an investment, financial and estate planning service to individuals and small to medium sized businesses which is personal, consistent in its message and delivery and long standing.

services we offer

Pension Accumulation

More and more of us are not only reaching retirement but living longer in retirement.
There is an increasing realisation of the need to plan correctly and generate sufficient income for the period of our lives we no longer work.
Pension accumulation is the period (normally whilst we are working) spent saving, planning and building adequate resource for our retirement, maintaining our lifestyle.

Pension Decumulation

Approaching retirement requires important decisions to be made.
What is the best way to take your pension?
Is flexibility and choice more important than a guaranteed income for life?
What about tax, mortality?

Divorce & Pensions

It is an unfortunate reality that many marriages end in divorce.What happens to valuable pension benefits in the event of divorce?

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